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Software for Hide or Change Real IP

Software for hide IP automatically replaced with the IP of another country, fun isn't it. One of the benefits of a proxy is able to modify the identity of our computers, our proprietary IP was replaced with a different IP.

So why should you hide real IP? For some very influential for his computer security. In addition it can be also helpful if those of you who follow online business programs such as PTC, PTS etc, or to avoid restrictions permit download, and there are many more benefits of IP proxy.

Actually a lot of ways to hide IP or how to use a proxy. But mostly it's complicated, this time mayasta  will share the Platinum Hide IP software. A beginner or a layman in computing any easy to hide real IP when using this software.

With this software you can simply click one time ... taraaaaa ... Your real IP is hidden and changed with the IP of the country that you want.

How to use Platinum Hide IP :
1. Download the software first, then install.
2. Run the software.
3. Click Hide IP, Your real IP is hidden and replaced with another IP.

4. If you want to use another countries IP, just click choose IP country.
5. If you want to use again your real IP just click Stop Hide.

Very simple and easy way to change IP by proxy through software Platinum Hide IP. If you want to prove whether or not already changed IP, check it at or search on google with the keyword check ip.

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