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How to Solve Error Photoshop CS3 is Not Compatible with Windows 8

Photoshop CS3 Error
Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop version 10 at the beginning of installation process in Windows 8 is no problem at all, the installation process smoothly. But when I operate photoshop, exactly when I click the icon " Set Foreground Color "contained in the Tool Box, to choose a color instead emerge error "Adobe Photoshop CS3 has Stopped Working" as shown below.

Figure Set Foreground Color 

Photoshop CS3 error

I tried to fix by Troubleshoot Compatibility , one of the features that are already present on Windows 8. But still appear error when clicking the Set Foreground Color icon.

Then I took the initiative to visit the Adobe website, perhaps there is an update to Photoshop CS3, and it turns out there is, the file name is Application Patcher by 76 MB or exactly 75,710 KB. Why would I need photoshop updater file? because at that time I thought maybe it could overcome this error if Photoshop updated.

And the result ....... is working ..... the error no longer appears when clicking the Set Foreground Color icon.

Download Update Photoshop CS3 (Application Patcher)

Step by step to fix an error Photoshop CS3 in Windows 8 as follows:

  1. Please download the update file first (Patcher Application).
  2. Turn off your internet connection, and if the antivirus you use "fierce" hehe ... please to turn off for a while. Do not be afraid or worried, because the adobe ensure no viruses, mallware etc. on this Application Patcher. It may also make it more fluent if you turn off the UAC (User Access Controll).
  3. Please install a Patcher Application. Right-click the Application Patcher file and select Run as administrator.
  4. If the intallattion process is complete, run the Adobe Photoshop CS3, a window will appear where you are required to fill in the serial number. Please fill in the serial number of Adobe Photoshop CS3. If you do not have, use this serial 1330-1751-1921-7520-1721-1350 and then click next.
  5. Next you are asked to register, if you do not want to register just click on the Never Register :D
  6. Done, Adobe Photoshop CS3 running on Windows 8 without any error

Hopefully this article How to Solve Error Photoshop CS3 is Not Compatible with Windows 8 can be beneficial for anyone.


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