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Free Upload 500 MB in 1 Upload without split and Space until 500 GB
Server to store our files i.e. a goodly big pay our members, and also a fairly large capacity given to free member that is 500 GB. Moreover these servers have excess that is easier for the downloader because there is no term to survey first. So then we grew too easy point on this server. So the more obvious advantages of this server, mayasta explain details follow:

  1. Free
  2. Huge Storage Space = 500 GB
  3. 500 MB can be uploaded once without having to split files
  4. No survey for downloader
  5. Resumeable, downloader could resume the process
  6. Free user speed download upto 1 MB/second
  7. Published files link, All links to files which have been uploaded can we share. This is very beneficial because people can download our files more easily.
  8. Remote sites premiums; the facilities of the other file servers meremote, if you have files on another server without having to upload it in this server.
  9. There is a referral system (we could be 10% of our downline)
  10. Minimum payout $ 10 (can use PayPal, libertyreserve, Moneybookers, web money, post ($ 20), Bank transfer)
  11. There are forums for all of our members (this proves if this server is very legit, not scam)

$10/1000 downloads + 50% premium sales + 10% Referral = $$$$

Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand8:10$
France, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UAE, Spain, Kuwait, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, South Africa, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Malaysia, Taiwan, Cyprus, Finland, Portugal, Norway, Japan4$
Poland, Thailand, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Italy, Lebanon, India, Singapore, Bahrain, Sweden, Indonesia, Turkey, Tunisia, Argentina, Denmark, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, South Korea, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Ireland, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Mexico, Syria, Romania, China, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Serbia, iceland, IRAN, Brazil2$
                * All prices are for 1000 downloads

What do you waiting for SIGN UP FILEMAC


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