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Free Antivirus Mobile for Android

Best Antivirus for android, I said the best because of the capabilities and benefits that are owned by this antivirus, it name is Lookout Security & Anti Virus. So you do not have confused again determine antivirus what you should install on your favorite android  mobile phone.

Many websites that post the best things, such as its title the best android phone, but its content is more than one strip. I think it only made the confusion, the name of the best is one.

Lookout Security & Anti Virus
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What are the capabilities and advantages of  Lookout Security & Anti Virus ,  which are:

  • Free
  • Lite
  • Protects the system from virus, malware, etc. A virus that came upon the exchange of data
  • Protecting the mobile Phone system when you're online / surf
  • Realtime protection (antivirus active when phone is turned on)
  • Realtime Scanner
  • Has the features of data backup
  • Has a feature  find my phone (if mobile phone lost to unknown. Requires registration in ) 

To download an application Lookout Security & Anti Virus  please visit

(Support for android 1.5 and above)

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