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Cute PDF Writer as Universal Converter to PDF

Cute PDF Writer is a free software which I referred to it as a Virtual Printer, as indeed in any document to PDF to change how it works via the print facility. It thus Cute PDF Writer has the ability to convert any document into PDF, or Cute PDF Writer as Universal Converter to PDF, for example from excel to PDF, from photoshop to PDF, from Coreldraw to PDF, and others. Anyway the applications that have the facilities to print (click File >> Print) then it could be made into PDF.

Only need one software to convert from any to PDF (except Video and Audio). Please download software Cute PDF Writer and Ghostscript through

Or if you confused download through the link above, please go through this link:

How does the installation Cute PDF Writer:
  1. Install the Cute PDF Writer
  2. At the end of the installation process, usually asking for plugin Ghostscript, just click No.
  3. Install plugin cute PDF writer i.e. ghostscript or GPL Ghostscript free.
  4. Completed.
It will appear a new printer type i.e. CutePDF Writer, please check on the Printers and Faxes (click Start >> Control Panel  >> double click on Printer and Faxes, or click Start >> Printer and Faxes).

Virtual printer

How to convert to PDF:

  1. Open the application such as MS. Excel, Photoshop, CorelDraw or. software of any application which has the facility of printing.
  2. Then you do the steps printing (usually click file  >> Print), on the type of printer you should choose CutePDF Writer. Note the picture below!
  3. Then click OK or Print
  4. Give a name the file
  5. Completed
free virtual printer

Hopefully the article Cute PDF Writer as Universal Converter to PDF can be useful. Other articles about PDF converter you can read in this blog that All Office 2007 programs can Save in PDF file Format by it self.

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Thanks for sharing the useful blog, Raheesh. Using this software would simplify the task to a great extent. The steps to download the software are very well explained. The software also seems to be easy to install and make use of.

Ok. thank's you have visited my blog :)

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