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All Office 2007 programs can save in PDF file format by it self

All Office 2007 programs can save in PDF file format . Do not need software to convert various file formats into PDF ( Portable Document Format ). Just need a plugin so directly from the program office can save in PDF format. Convert MS. Word to PDF , Convert MS. Excel to PDF , Convert MS. Powerpoint to PDF and others. All programs include the Family Office can convert into PDF file format.

PDF ( Portable Document Format ) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993, for the purposes of the exchange of digital documents. PDF format is used for representing two dimensional documents that include text, fonts, images and two-dimensional vector graphics. 3-D on Acrobat, PDF capabilities also include three-dimensional reading of the document. (Source: )
Development objective is to display a PDF document can be viewed and printed in a variety of computer operating system is fixed or the same. Not change the layout / look if opened by a software application that is different.

Lots of software that has the ability to convert files to PDF format, but on average only have one ability only. That is, .... I suppose it can only change from the MS. Word to PDF, or just MS. Excel to PDF only. 
A plugin ( Add in ) made ​​by Microsoft with a capacity of small files but have the ability and great benefits. Because with this plugin, all Office 2007 programs can change or save to PDF file format.

Download Plugin Office 2007 to PDF    (934 kb)

  1. After download the plugin, then install.
  2. Open the file to be converted to PDF (eg MS. Word file document, excel or any important family with MS. Office 2007)
  3. Click on the Logo MS. Office (the logo at the upper left corner), then click Save As , and select the PDF or XPS
  4. Type the name of the file, then save. Done

This plugin supports the following software: 
Microsoft Office Word 2007 
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 
Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 
Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 
Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 
Microsoft Office Visio 2007 
Microsoft Office Access 2007

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