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The Great Way to Protect Your Computer from Virus

protect from virus
Preventing is better than cure. The proverb is very good for us to apply to handling computer that is not infected with a virus or programs like bully.

Viral infection on your computer may have a very serious terms and still red on your stage business. You can simply ideate it may wrack your system register or your integral computing device (with all your receivables informations thereon!) or all your HTML programs! It will come to entire black out screen, it will not boot in the least. But that is actually the worse scenario that may happen. Are you going to hold off for this worse scenario in your liveliness to encounter? I opine NOT, right?. 

The following are some steps so that the computer you are spared from virus infection:

  1. Run your anti-virus program everyday (some do it every week) There are many virus programs that you can get for free scanning.
  2. Run your anti-virus, anti-spyware or adware once a week (I run Spyware Terminator — they are shareware, meaning it’s free!). This soft is the best anti spyware for me.
  3. Don't ever turn off the firewall. on your computer system.
  4. Always run all necessary latest updates & service packs (all windows! including all your programs & software!—keep them updated)
  5. Turn on the pop-up blocker – this feature is available on Windows XP (you can see this under tools>Internet Options >Privacy>click Block Pop Ups. In addition to this, I also download another pop up blocker, the Google Toolbar. I find their pop up blocker the most effective in blocking pop ups.
  6. Never open mails that are suspicious to you or not known to you. If they are in your bulk mail, send it back to your provider as “spam”! I never enable my bulk mail. I automatically delete emails from my bulk mail.
  7. When using messenger (IM) services, be very careful with files being sent through instant messenger. Rather choose to have it emailed it to you. Most of email services now has virus check and clears it if the file has virus or not.
  8. Be rattling heedful when downloading datas file or any computers programs from the net, pay attention on the pedagogies while downloading it. Downloading may sometimes make fault on the scheme register or the integral computing system (one model, my nephew got his computing machine poorly septic with viruses because of heavy downloading of games and medicine! I guess!).
  9. Be careful with files that come from a flashdisk or any other external storage when you open it in your CD ROM of floppy drive. You should know its source, or better yet, when you insert it, have it scanned with your anti-virus program before you open the files.
  10. There are indeed many shareware or freeware on the internet that you can get gratis! (that is the reason it is a shareware!). Keeping your computer healthy can make you more productive (if you have a business!) or it will make you love more surfriding and ranging the internet!.
With the steps above precautions that The Great Way to Protect Your Computer from Virus, hopefully your computer will not be infected with a virus.

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